Want to register your Wolseley for posterity and the future? We can maintain a confidential register of your pride and joy. You choose below whether you wish to allow others to access this information in the future and also how much of your information will be available. We encourage you to allow your first name, email address, country and locale to be given if they request a serial number search of our records. (this search will be available somewhere in the future – please don’t ask us at the moment) All other information (ie your surname, address and phone) will not be released. After you submit this form you will be emailed a "key" to allow you to alter the information. (Click HERE to view and alter your own information). The final aim of this register will be a public history of individual engines tracing back to the first registration. It is an unfortunate fact that we are not going to be around forever and every year more and more engine information and history is gone for good. Let’s save the Wolseleys for future generations.
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